Thirsty Heroes is a management sim crossed with a game like Diablo, with turn-based deck building instead of active combat.

Players take the role of Quartermaster in service of an inept King. Their job is to keep treasure flowing into the royal vault by hiring heroes to fight through dungeons. From behind the tavern bar, players organize scouting parties to find Dungeons and hire bar patrons strategically suited to crawl them. The player then controls the hero as they fight through the procedurally-generated dungeon encounters, collecting loot on the way. Spoils gained are used to satisfy the King's demands as well as upgrade heroes and facilities.


The game was publicly announced in November 2020. Development has been in progress since November 2014 -- apparently we take a long time to make games.

Release is slated for Summer 2021.


  • Manage Staff and Resources
  • Turn-based Deckbuilding Combat
  • Find Randomly Generated Loot
  • 8 Different Types of Procedurally-Generated Dungeons
  • 80 Different Encounters
  • Cross-Platform Saving Between PC and Mobile
  • Main Story Arc and Randomly Generated Story Elements
  • Endless Play With No Level Cap or Limit to Dungeon Size
  • No Ads. No IAP. No Analytics.


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